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Early Polynesian settlers ventured into the surrounding Seaward Kaikoura Mountains to harvest the treasured Titi or Shearwater, an alpine nesting seabird that was traded, for the highly prized greenstone, with tribes further south. By the mid 1800's the European settlers arrived, drawn here by the riches of the sea particularly the abundant seals and whales. After they hunted these almost to extiction, these settlers then began harvesting the surrounding forest and converting the cleared land into farmland.

Many traditional place names of significance in the region have survived eg. Puhi Puhi means "to gather feathers" and one of the highest mountains in the region Te Ao Whekere translates to "World of the Gods".

Today, within the Puhi Peaks Nature Reserve, exist landscapes and forests with ancient origins of extraordinary diversity harbouring some of the region's rarest and endangered plant and animal species. These are now protected, in perpetuity, by a Queen Elizabeth II National Trust Open Space Covenant covering more than 2,000 acres. 


Nicky McArthur

Nicky McArthur - Owner/Manager

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I have been involved at Puhi Peaks since 2003, including the building of Shearwater Lodge in 2004. Losing the lodge in the earthquake of November 2016 has been devastating for myself and my family.

The beauty encountered in the Seaward Kaikoura Mountains attracted me to this piece of paradise and sharing it with visitors not only from New Zealand but all around the globe is what makes my life here as hostess, guide, cook, artist and photographer something I value enormously.

I bring to this experience a passion for the environment and have grown to understand the true meaning of Kaitiakitangi - Guardianship of the land for future generations. 

Puhi Peaks is unique in every way, a rare gem hidden in an alpine valley where every turn offers a different perspective. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our vision is "to inspire each and every one of us to honour our relationship with the earth and its people".

Puhi Peaks aims to be renowned as an innovative high country station, looking after all aspects of the biodiversity.

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James Kilgour - Operations Manager

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My love for hunting and the outdoors started at an early age on the family farm in the Waikato. It evolved from rabbit and possum shooting to big game when I moved to Canterbury for university studies.

I graduated in 2007 with a BSc in Biology and Post Graduate Forestry. Here I met my wife Esther and we have two young children, Darcy and Charlotte, who love the adventures and exploring, as much as I do, that comes with living in such a special part of New Zealand.

My farming background, studies and previous employment at the Regional Council and The Department of Conservation have put me in good stead to manage operations and activities here at Puhi Peaks. 

Please contact us to arrange your visit to Puhi Peaks and Kaikoura Wilderness Experience whether it be walking or hunting and I will make sure it will be an experience you will never forget.

Murray Taylor

Murray Taylor - Hunting Guide

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Murray Taylor is a Kaikoura local who has been involved in particular on the back part of Puhi Peaks known as the "The Run". 

With many years guiding on this beautiful part of the station, his knowledge and understanding will ensure a great experience. 

Murray has a great love of the outdoors and is a keen member of the local Kaikoura Gun Club


“There is nothing more magical than seeing a dream come to life and we had a real sense of that this weekend – its been so special to share in this dream over the last few days. Nicky you and your team absolutely get the importance of the overall “experience”. You have breathtaking mountains and bush, a beautiful luxurious lodge, delicious food and sounds of the outback and you have wrapped it all up in your unique personalities and exquisite attention to detail and our experience has been one of total indulgence and we’ve felt absolutely spoilt. The perfect wedding anniversary. Thank you.” Grant Bettjeman, Auckland, NZ

“We have hiked all over the world, but Shearwater Lodge is absolutely unique. It is unique because all involved make you feel at home, while running daily routine with total professionalism. Eva and myself feel very privileged to be able to be part of this paradise, thank you Nicky” Josef Blass, Chapel Hill, USA

“Simply glorious, great company, wonderful food and a  truly magical location. Congratulations to all the team for creating paradise in paradise.” Jane Reasbeck, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

“Thanks for a wonderful 3 days. An absolutely incredibly experience! I really can’t put into words all of the truly wonderful aspects that make up this wilderness encounter. Plant life, stories, flower, and food, warmth, hospitality, family- home feeling & friendly vibe. I have to say I'm hooked! A great introduction to tramping & alpine for me, thank very much. I will be recommending to everyone I know. Please can I come back. Oh and the VIEWS.” Therese Fitzgerald, Auckland, NZ