Eco Vision


Puhi Peaks Station & Nature reserve is a model for a high country station offering insight into how we can manage this land in an environmentally and economically sustainable way. Our main goal is to protect, preserve and enhance the station’s indigenous biodiversity, while remaining a productive economically sustainable farming and tourism operation. To accomplish these goals a quarter of the land, 1200 ha, is placed under a Queen Elisabeth II covenant, which is a way for private landowners to permanently protect special natural features of their land.

Because we like to share our piece of wilderness with others we welcome you to a high country experience with various walking, hunting and accommodation options.


Kaikoura Wilderness Experience



Kaikoura Wilderness waste management






Central to Puhi Peaks Station is Shearwater Lodge, a completely self-sustaining, off-grid ecofriendly luxury accommodation with its own renewable energy system. Our micro-hydro system provides all of the Lodge’s electricity and is driven by water drawn from the Happy Valley stream that flows in the valley adjacent to the lodge. 

We operate a policy "towards zero waste" as part of our business. We separate paper, cans, plastic, glass and other waste, which is brought to the Recycling center in Kaikoura, where everything is re-used.

We encourage our guests to take as little as possible into the lodge, and educate staff and guests about green policies.

Minimisation of waste is encouraged in all areas.

Puhi Peaks station is home to a number of rare and endangered native species. We are proud to be home of the critically endangered Hutton’s Shearwater, the only seabird in the world that nests in the sub alpine environment of the mountains. Our colony on is one of only two remaining wildcolonies in the world!

In order to protect out taonga (treasures) we actively manage invasive species through trapping programs, weed control and by following sustainable farming practices. In addition we have a Queen Elisabeth II Open Space covenant that permanently protects the special natural features of Puhi Peaks Nature Reserve. The agreement is entered into voluntarily and binds current and all subsequent landowners in perpetuity. The covenant is registered on the title to the land.